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Technical Information

RAK's capabilities have evolved to meet our customers requirements. We are able to produce quality artworks and turnaround a prototype pcb, going down to a track width as fine as 0.05mm, and pcb board depth of up to 12mm, in as little as 24 hours. An in-house design and layout service is available on request.

  • Photoplotting
  • Drilling
  • Multi-layered pressing
  • Screen-printing
  • ROSH compliant finishes
  • Lead free HSL (Hot Air Solder)
  • Scheduled and regular monthly call off requirement
  • In house bareboard testing

PCB production is done on-site by our own staff, committed and passionate about ensuring clients receive a quality RAK product.

RAK screen-printing is with Photo-imageable inks, and extends to sign writing services.

A full on-site SMD assembly service is available.

Please complete the enquiry form or visit our Milestones web page if you want to be kept informed of developments.


RAK Printed Circuit Boards experience with a wide range of client's has built up experience of a variety of file types:

  • Gerber Data: RS274-D and Aperture file
  • RS274-X with embedded apertures
  • Boardmaker
  • Easy-PC
  • Zuken-Redac Cadstar
  • Pads
  • Postscript

Standard turn around on all product is 5 – 15 days, however, this can be adjusted to suit customer requirements.

Standard Production

If no manufacturing information is supplied with the data RAK will assume the following specifications :

  • 1.6mm FR4
  • 1oz copper
  • Silver Finish
  • Green solder resist
  • White silk-screen
  • Board Dimensions to corner markers. Tolerance +/- 0.2mm
  • Hole tolerance +/- 0.1mm

Please submit data files by email file transfer to our production unit: