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RAK Printed Circuit Boards was established by Reg Smith, Anthony Iliot and Keith Stewart to provide a fast turnaround of prototype circuit boards to the local electronics industry.

By offering multi-layer boards and other specialist services our client base quickly grew to cover the UK, Continental Europe and the USA.

Our customers include the small electronics hobbyist, OEM's and development companies.


RAK changed to a Limited company now run by Reg Smith and John Archer.


RAK stay ahead of the game, we disbanded our Hot Air Solder to introduce RoHs Silver to ensure comfortable compliancy with the new July 2006 industry standard.

Laser, drilling, multi-layered pressing done on-site by staff who are committed and passionate about ensuring clients receive a quality RAK product.


A full SMD assembly service is now available on-site, enabling clients added value with high speed and efficiency.


John Archer became Director and full company shareholer.