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For over 20 years RAK Printed Circuit Boards has endeavoured to meet the most demanding pcb job criteria and we are pleased to have built up long term relationships with many clients.

We hope you will give us the opportunity to work for you, our delivery is reliable and we have been told by our customers that our job quality output is amongst the highest to be found in the prototype pcb market.

We have asked some customers to comment on a specific type of service received from RAK, however if your area of interest isn't covered please do call or complete the enquiry form as we welcome the opportunity to satisfy your requirement.

We have found RAK responsive and helpful both in the prototype stage of our product development and timely and efficient when in the Production phase.

The ability to liaise directly with the engineers doing the PCB production makes a tremendous difference in getting the products made and reducing any rework time.

Our client needed a piece of test equipment in production immediately. We specified FR-4 for it's reliability and decided to manufacture the test pin bed as a PCB. Of course this was an unusual job as the test pin bed needed to be 12mm thick, and we were delighted that RAK were able to help us, resulting in our client going to production quickly. FR4 in test product

Overall RAK are always interested and fast and over time we have built up a good relationship that we can rely on - perfect for the small run PCBs we need. They come highly recommended.

We have used RAK for 20 years and found them very good for prototype work.

My purchasing philosophy is to build a relationship with a company over a period rather than always trying to get the lowest possible price. We have occasionally had a quality problem with RAK but these have been resolved quickly and efficiently.

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